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The SMART.MET consortium announced the start of the second phase of the project, awarding four European economic operators a contract for the ‘solution exploration and design’ stage of the pre-commercial procurement (PCP), which will last until 03 April 2020

Following the tendering process (see here), opened on April 2019, the consortium has selected four economic operators, based on both a technical and an economic evaluation of their offers:

  • Dynamic Consulting, Abering Contadores de Agu, Gomez Group Metering (Spain)
  • Hydroko (Belgium)
  • Telereading (Italy)
  • Fast S.P.A (Italy)

The aim of Phase 2 of the pre-commercial procurement (PCP) is the following: Develop, demonstrate and validate prototypes in lab conditions.  A working prototype solution to submit a test bench in a laboratory for verification against Phase 1 specifications and expected costs

Phase 2 details

  • Evaluation of submissions and contracts award: all valid tender submissions will be evaluated against the criteria stated in the Invitation to Tender. The best scoring Phase 2 offers are awarded a Phase 2 contract. Each contract will state the terms and conditions of the work, including the deliverables, milestones and financial payment schedule. The winning providers will develop a prototype and will test this in lab condition;
  • Assessment of successful completion: an End of Phase 2 Report shall be submitted by the suppliers, which shall contain the description of the prototype developed in Phase 2, with the additional details and deliverables set forth in the Phase Contract.

R&D providers who successfully completed Phase 2 are invited to bid on Phase 3

Carried out under Italian law between 2018 and 2021, the PCP will include a total of three phases: solution exploration and design, prototyping and field-testing.

Read the economic operators’ abstracts here.

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