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Project structure

Role of the Project Coordinator

The project coordinator is in charge of the administration of the project, the periodic administrative and financial reporting to EC and partners, and the resources allocation according to the rolling plan agreed by the partners in the Consortium Agreement (Office International de l’Eau).

Role of the Lead Procurer

During the Smart.met PCP, the lead procurer is the “contracting authority”, according to the definition of Directive 2014/25/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 February 2014 on public procurement and repealing Directive 2004/17/EC.

Contracting authorities: the State, regional or local authorities, bodies governed by public law or associations formed by one or more such authorities or one or more such bodies governed by public law. (Viveraqua).

Role of the PCP Quality Manager

The role of the PCP Quality Manager is to guarantee the highest level of PCP requirements during its preparatory and implementation phases. She provides necessary trainings to all members of the consortium. The PCP Quality Manager is involved in the decision making board of the project and the SMARTMET-TAC. She is also a member of SMART.MET-BGB where she is bearing a consultative voice (Sara Bedin).

List of members of the Buyers’ Group Board

The Buyers’ Group Board (SMART.MET-BGB) is the decision-making body during all the procurement phases. The SMARTMET-BGB gathers high-level decision-makers (management or procurers) formally designated by its organisation. The SMART.MET-BGB is chaired by a representative of the Lead Procurer. The secretariat of the SMART.MET-BGB is conducted by the Project Coordinator (OIEau).

  • Viveraqua (Verona, IT)
  • Promedio (Badaroz SP)
  • Eau de Paris (Paris FR)
  • SDEA (Bas-Rhin FR)
  • CILE (Liege BE)
  • Vizmuvek (Budapest HU)
  • Hydrobru (Brussels Vivaqua BE)

The Lead Procurer will conduct all the Buyers Group meetings and will take binding decisions for its members. The lead procurer ensures that all the decisions taken regarding the execution of the contract for the PCP R&D services are unanimous. The other decisions of the Buyers Group must be taken at the majority of the participants present. The decisions taken among the members of the Buyers Group regarding the financial expenditures corresponding to the execution of contract for the PCP R&D services must be unanimous.

Composition of Technical Assessment Committee

The Technical Assessment Committee (SMART.MET-TAC) is responsible for the description of the needs of the utilities. It realises a desktop analysis of the market and launches the Open Market Consultation (OMC). The SMART.MET-TAC gathers one technical representative of each of the organisations involved in the SMART.MET-BGB and a group of scientific experts. The SMART.MET-TAC is chaired by a representative of the Lead Procurer. The secretariat of the SMART.MET-TAC is conducted by the Project Coordinator (OIEau). The PCP Quality Manager attends the SMART.MET-TAC meetings. The SMART.MET-TAC is composed of:

  • Aragon Partners (IT)
  • Office International de l’Eau (OIEau - FR)
  • University of Limoges (UniLim - FR)
  • Fundación Nueva Cultura del Agua (FNCA – SP)
  • Sara Bedin (IT)
  • One technical representative of each member of the SMART.MET-BGB