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Start of the first phase of the project

The need for innovation in water meters

The SMART.MET consortium announced the start of the first phase of the project, awarding four European economic operators a contract for the ‘solution exploration and design’ stage of the pre-commercial procurement (PCP), which will last until the end of March 2019.

The economic operators are asked to conduct research to elaborate the solution design and determine the approach to be taken to develop the new solutions as well as demonstrate the technical, financial and commercial feasibility of the proposed concepts and approach.

Following the tendering process (see here), opened on 29 June, the consortium has selected four economic operators, based on both a technical and an economic evaluation of their offers:

  • Dynamic Consulting, Abering Contadores de Agu, Gomez Group Metering (Spain)
  • Telereading (Italy)
  • Hydroko (Belgium)
  • Fast S.P.A (Italy)

Carried out under Italian law between 2018 and 2021, the PCP will include a total of three phases: solution exploration and design, prototyping and field-testing.

Read the economic operators’ abstracts here.


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